What previous challenge members are saying:

I jumped in to #DOITFORTHEDOPAMINE because I wanted to connect with a community and be accountable to myself and to them.  I was content with my regular workout routine pre-pandemic; convinced it was “enough.”   But, as silver linings go, this has been one for sure because without  the pandemic - I would not have  discovered all the other ways my body move and can grow.  It’s been really great to see and feel it change.

This group is for real - honest, committed and so supportive.  A much-needed touchstone in this crazy world!

- Tricia C.
Pixie's monthly challenges have become a staple for me. I have definitely had some ups and downs through the months I’ve done it but always feel supported, encouraged, celebrated, and welcomed. I have also become so much stronger, more flexible, and my body feels more at ease. The community is absolutely the best part. You have an incredible way of bringing the most awesome people together.

I have only met a couple people in person, but I feel like they have become some of the most important people during this hard time. I also so appreciate that the group and structure of the “challenges” are about wellness and health. It has changed my relationship with my body. Thank you so so much!

- Jessica S.
I subscribed for the workout because Pixie has this perfect way of challenging you while also filling your brain with so much love and positive energy. But the month was much more than a series of workouts. It was a beautiful community of people who supported one another, laughed, held each other accountable and celebrated everyday wins.

- Larry V